ALKOVI is located at Helsinginkatu 19 at Kallio area in Helsinki. It is a display window space and open 24h. The activity and program of Alkovi is curated by Miina Hujala and Arttu Merimaa.


We work by invitation only. Annually we organize exhibitions / present works that either are especially made for our space or benefit form the context. We also collaborate with guest curators. Alkovi as a curatorial team has also produced workshops and collaborative projects, arranged screenings and participated on festivals.


ALKOVI has been founded at 2005 by artist Otto Karvonen. For the year 2008 it was used by Kiasma – Contemporary Art Museum as a part of 'Reclaim the streets' (in Finnish 'Notkea Katu') exhibition. Karvonen named the space Alkovi (in English ’Alcove’) – a sleeping extension of the living room – referring to the connection between the display window space and the square in front of it. During the years 2009-2012 the exhibition calendar was built mainly based on suggestions for exhibitions made by artists. We wanted to utilize the gallery* as an open 'easy access' project space. Artists exhibiting in Alkovi have seen a possibility of interaction between their practice and the context created thru the surrounding environment and the parameters of space itself. From 2013 onwards we have been creating more specific annual program which has meant that we have also focused on certain thematic emphasis and subject matter.

*About using the term ’gallery’.

Alkovi has been over the years supported by: Kone Foundation, Helsinki City Cultural Office, Uudenmaa Arts Council, Frame Contemporary Art Finland, The Arts Council of Finland, Kordelin Foundation and AVEK (Centre for audiovisual culture).