Alkovi invited artist Pekka Niittyvirta to realize a piece using the billboard format provided and intended to present at Kunstvlaai festival in Amsterdam 21.-25.5. located at Amstelparkfor the year 2014. Niittyvirta used plastic waste to generate a minimalistic graphic form that scans the park users' consuming customs and explores the constructed environment. The materials were imbued with pheromones to activate the park fauna in order to create a temporary self-made biotope. Niittyvirta addresses the situation in relation to our gallery practice in terms of audience - our concrete space is open to passers-by -the elements of dubious desire and involuntary observance of public realm and links this to his own particular interests with ecology and reformulation of materiality of image.

Kunstvlaai is a multi-day celebration of art(ist-run) initiatives. Every two years, Kunstvlaai provides initiatives a platform to meet, discuss, and exchange ideas. This tenth edition takes place in the Amstelpark, an extensive park in Amsterdam. Critical engagement with space and alternative approaches to production and exhibition formats are central for Kunstvlaai 2014, corresponding to its unconventional location.
Kunstvlaai stimulates artistic production by inviting initiatives to realize site-specific art works that will be on view during the event itself. Around 50 local and foreign art initiatives present themselves by means of a spatial intervention in the Amstelpark. Spaces in Dialogue, a three-day programme of round-table discussions, facilitates new dialogue between initiatives.

More about Kunstvlaai : *Kunstvlaai - Platform for Experimental Art Spaces* /