We don’t function as a commercial space selling artworks or neither by representing certain artists, therefore we don’t – in a sense – act as a gallery. But Alkovi is nonetheless a space that focuses to the presentation of art – mostly in its visual and ”contemporary” forms.

’Gallery’ as a mode of presentation is something that is relevant in terms of our practice because the core of it is on allowing, or aspiring to, enable space for visibility of art – as works, exhibitions, acts or modes of thinking. For us it is also crucial to bring forth that what connects this kind of visibility with its ”surroundings” (understood as a way of creating something and assembling its visibility while simultaneously defining and making separating choices). And by using the term ’gallery’ we want to keep in alignment with the aspect of presenting art but also keep asking how is this act of presentation created, through what is it limited, to what its validity is based on and with what kind of terms we asses this validity?
If there is a way to suggest something as a mode of presentation, there is also a realm of concepts and convictions that are passed along beside this suggestion, or keep lingering as a part of the activity – some might call this a customs and habits – a tradition sustained – or the necessity of constant vernacular to get something recognized – for us connecting to the term ’gallery’ is a way to bring this forth.