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'Cooking The New Planet'

OPENING | 5.8.2017 at 5pm

Curated by Anna Bitkina & Maria Veits from curatorial collective TOK in relation to an exhibition project STATES OF CONTROL as a part of Connecting Points - programme in HIAP [Helsinki International Artist Programme]

[ENG] Lado Darakhvelidze, (b. 1977, Kutaisi, Georgia) lives and works in Arnhem, the Netherlands. A hybrid artist-journalist-broadcaster, Lado Darakhvelidze (DAI 2010) creates flexible platforms for people to participate in his work which is an equal mixture of aesthetics and politics. Lado Darakhvelidze’s artistic practice focuses primarily on the phenomena of information, media and its sociopolitical impacts. In his work he deals with social and political changes and represents these in personal narratives. Darakhvelidze studied at the Dutch Art Institute (DAI), his work was shown at the 11th Istanbul Biennial, What Keeps Mankind Alive (2009), Biennale Cuvee, Linz (2010), The Kitchen / One Big City (2013) and Manifesta 10, St Petersburg (2014), Millennials, Museum Arnhem (2016) among others.

[ENG] TOK is curatorial collective based in St Petersburg and founded by Anna Bitkina and Maria Veits in 2010 as a platform for conducting interdisciplinary projects in the fields of contemporary art and design and social sciences. TOK’s projects have a strong social component and deal with current issues that are widely discussed both in Russia and internationally such as migration, public space and citizens, development of education, deprivation of social resources, forming collective memory, use of natural resources, growing role of the media in the global society, changing political climate and many others. For the last six years curators of TOK have been largely interested in exploring the concept of public space in post-Soviet Russia and the former Soviet Union, as well as perception, understanding and mechanisms of use of public spaces and open areas by residents of post-Soviet cities. One of the current interests of TOK is the repositioning of Russia at the global geopolitical arena and analysis of the processes that are related to it.

[ENG] Connecting Points - programme is a Finnish-Russian exchange and collaboration programme in HIAP [Helsinki International Artist Programme – a residency organization based in Suomenlinna island in Helsinki]. Connecting Points programme aims at enabling contacts and collaborations between artists, curators and individual practitioners of Russia and Finland.
The programme is supported by Kone Foundation and The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture. < /br>
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