Picture Frame 1

Emilie Collins, In Their Hands
30 mins, 4:3
Documentation of a performance where the audience feed the artist.

Picture Frame 2

Nina Mangalanayagam, Lacuna
11 min, 4:3
Video showing portrait shot with subtitles.


Noemi McComber, Under Assault
9 min, 4:3
Performance of the artist being assaulted with food substances.

Screen 1

Adam Buick, Earth to Earth
16 min 10 sec, 16:9
Time-lapse landscape with clay pot.

Screen 2

Stefan Gant, Crossing the Line: Honesty
2 min 4:3
Diagramatic drawing with audio.

Erica Scourti, Trailer Truths
2 min 30sec, 4:3
Appropriated film trailer extracts.

Patricia Pinsker, Davey
3 min, 4:3
Video portrait of a man dressed in Native American clothes with Elvis Presley soundtrack.

Dawn Woolley, Interloper
1 min 11sec, 4:3
Video showing cut-out figure stood near mirror.

Annalisa Sonzogni, Wild: The Need to Leave the Cage of Love
5 min 30 sec, 4:3
Split screen film showing cityscapes and portraits.

Ted Sonnenschein, Coming Home
2 min, 4:3 format, No audio
Reflections filmed in a moving train widow.

James Moore, Levels
1 min 20sec, 16:9, No Audio
Animation of rolling camera shot through sequence of scenes.

Gwenn Joyaux, Volcan
3 min, 16:9
Video of disused factory.

Anton Hecht, One Note Band
2 min 45 sec, 4:3
Video of a band composed of one note samples, filmed in a church.

Jan Hakon Erichsen, Seek & Destroy
4 min 17sec, 16:9
Performance of hunt involving an easy chair.

Barry Andersson, Junk Yard
6min 20 sec.

Sean Vicary, Re-Tolled ii
2 min 40 sec, 16:9
Poetic Animation

Peter Bobby, Curtain
5 min 12 sec