[Kuva/Image: Noemi McComber, Under Assault]

[27.10.2012 - 9.11.2012]
screening / exhibition
Curated by Dawn Woolley and James Moore

Cardifflaiset kuvataiteilija/kuraattorit Dawn Woolley ja James Moore kokosivat Alkoviin kansainvälisen videoesityksen tuoden esiin videontekemisen laajan skaalan mm. animaatiosta dokumentaariseen ja performatiiviseen liikkuvaan kuvaan. Jotkut taiteilijoista valokoituivat ohjelmaan avoimen haun kautta, toiset ovat työskennelleet kuraattorien kanssa aiemmissa hankkeissa ja jotkut valikoituivat Outcasting-liikkuvan kuvan verkkogallerian kautta.

'Create, Observe, Perform' was curated by Cardiff based artists Dawn Woolley and James Moore. The programme didn’t have theme or central idea but brought together a wealth of artistic approaches to video art. From animation and construction to documentary and performance the artists explore the creative potential of moving image. The artists are both stylistically and geographically diverse, from UK, USA, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Norway and Argentina. Some of the artists that were featured in this programme had responded to an open call, others have worked with the curators on previous projects, further selections were made in collaboration with Outcasting (online moving image gallery).

Esityslistaus / The Screening List :

Picture Frame 1

Emilie Collins, In Their Hands
30 mins, 4:3
Documentation of a performance where the audience feed the artist.

Picture Frame 2

Nina Mangalanayagam, Lacuna
11 min, 4:3
Video showing portrait shot with subtitles.


Noemi McComber, Under Assault
9 min, 4:3
Performance of the artist being assaulted with food substances.

Screen 1

Adam Buick, Earth to Earth
16 min 10 sec, 16:9
Time-lapse landscape with clay pot.

Screen 2

Stefan Gant, Crossing the Line: Honesty
2 min 4:3
Diagramatic drawing with audio.

Erica Scourti, Trailer Truths
2 min 30sec, 4:3
Appropriated film trailer extracts.

Patricia Pinsker, Davey
3 min, 4:3
Video portrait of a man dressed in Native American clothes with Elvis Presley soundtrack.

Dawn Woolley, Interloper
1 min 11sec, 4:3
Video showing cut-out figure stood near mirror.

Annalisa Sonzogni, Wild: The Need to Leave the Cage of Love
5 min 30 sec, 4:3
Split screen film showing cityscapes and portraits.

Ted Sonnenschein, Coming Home
2 min, 4:3 format, No audio
Reflections filmed in a moving train widow.

James Moore, Levels
1 min 20sec, 16:9, No Audio
Animation of rolling camera shot through sequence of scenes.

Gwenn Joyaux, Volcan
3 min, 16:9
Video of disused factory.

Anton Hecht, One Note Band
2 min 45 sec, 4:3
Video of a band composed of one note samples, filmed in a church.

Jan Hakon Erichsen, Seek & Destroy
4 min 17sec, 16:9
Performance of hunt involving an easy chair.

Barry Andersson, Junk Yard
6min 20 sec.

Sean Vicary, Re-Tolled ii
2 min 40 sec, 16:9
Poetic Animation

Peter Bobby, Curtain
5 min 12 sec