[Kuva / Image: Marko Happo]

[05.09.2013 - 28.09.2013]
"This gallery is too small for me"

"But I am happy to be exhibited."

Anna Estarriola asetti näytteille suuren pehmeän lelumaisen veistoksen joka puristautui ikkunagallerian sisälle. Video-puhekupla päivitti hahmon ajatuksia esillä olemisesta. Installoitu asetelma viittasi taiteilijan identifikaation teoksensa kanssa sekä paikka-sidoinnaisiin esitysolosuhteisiin Alkovissa.

Anna Estarriola exhibited a large soft toy-like sculpture, squeezed inside the window gallery. A videoed 'speech-bubble' updated the character’s thoughts about being displayed. The installed scene refered to the artist’s identification with her work, and to the site-specific exhibiting conditions in Alkovi.

"I am interested in intuitively envisaged exchanges and interactions between the visual and media arts and other disciplines, such as performing arts and technology. The themes of my work revolve around perception of reality, emotions, individual and communal behavior, and communication. I am fascinated and disturbed by human beings, and mesmerized and puzzled by moving images, moving bodies and moving objects. I work with cross-disciplinary narrative structures that explore and question the union of content, medium and context.

Over the last years I have created media installation works combining sculptures and moving image with dance, dramaturgy, mechanics and electronics. I have also been directing dance pieces, performances and short film projects. Further I have worked in several internationally touring theatre and dance productions as a video artist and performed as a dancer for other choreographers.” Text by Anna Estarriola.

Estarriola syntyi Kataloniassa (Espanja), mutta on asunut ja työskennellyt Helsingissä vuodesta 2004. Hänellä on Kuvataiteen maisterin tutkinto sekä Kuvanveiston osastolta Barcelonan yliopistosta (2004), että Kuvataideakatemiasta Tila-aika taiteiden laitokselta (2009). Tämän lisäksi hän on tehnyt opintoja nykytanssista Barcelonassa sekä Helsingissä.

Estarriola was born in Catalonia (Spain), but has lived and worked in Helsinki since 2004. She has a Master of Fine Arts degrees from both the University of Barcelona, sculpture department (2004) and the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Time and Space department (2009). In addition, she has done some studies on contemporary dance in Barcelona and Helsinki.


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