I was there but you didn't see me*
a project by Sheung Yiu and Samra Šabanovi?

"I was there but you didn’t see me* is a series of research-based public interventions on photographic images curated by Samra Šabanovi? and Sheung Yiu. These interventions use images as starting points of inquiry about their indisputable impacts on philosophy, history, literature, technology, science and visual culture. Through prolonged looking and peripheral vision, the duo revisits images (or the lack of them) and situates them in new discourses that extends beyond visual arts. This involves doing double-takes on images seriously and regularly, writing footnotes on and around photographs to rediscover ‘what was there’ and ‘what was not seen’ at first glance."
Text by Yiu and Šabanovi?

Sheung Yiu (b. 1991) is a Hong Kong image-based artist and writer based in Helsinki. Taking inspiration from both art and science, he poses critical enquiry on the moments when perception is turned into cognition. His work is exhibited internationally, including Guangzhou Image Triennial 2017, Hong Kong International Photography Festival Satellite Exhibition 2018 and International Summer School of Photography 2016 & 2018. He is currently a master student in Visual Culture and Contemporary Art at Aalto University.

Samra Šabanovi? (b. 1992, Bosnia and Herzegovina) is a visual artist currently based in Helsinki. In her practice, she addresses issues on the photographic and its various existences in everyday life, public spaces and its relation to theory. In the process that oscillates between the subjective and theoretical- video, photography and narration become her tool. Samra graduated from Academy of Arts in Novi Sad and is finishing her Master degree in Visual Culture, Curating and Contemporary Art at Aalto University.

[intermission is a series of exhibitions that have a shorter duration and are more instant in the nature of presentation.]


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