[19.01.2017 - 26.02.2017]

SOUL'S on Steve Maherin veistos/valo-installaatio Alkovissa, joka käsittelee sielun konseptia - liittäen sen kysymyksiin taika-uskosta sekä valokuvaamiseen liittyvästä totuus-arvon punnitsemisesta ja merkitsemisestä.

SOUL'S (2017) - Is a hyper-literal sculptural/light installation by Steve Maher, an interpretation of the metaphysical concept of the soul, a parasitic entity commonly featured in most world religions.

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"The alchemy of light, phosphorus and silver never strayed far from the metaphysical dilemma of body and soul, the earliest photography was reviled for fear that it would somehow capture something unseen from ones fundamental self. In the Victorian era, this superstition became further entrenched by hoax spiritual photography, combinations of papier mâché, double exposures and cotton wool indistinguishable from the real thing.

Photography, as a chemical process has always been considered super-corporeal, even the suggestion of something ethereal through this frame is seemingly legitimised, more real than naked perception. Our eyes now see these forgeries for what they are, but we are no more advanced, we have not become more perceptive to truth just what is obscured has become more intricately hidden."
Text by Steve Maher.

Steve Maher on Limerickistä Irlannista lähtöisin oleva kuvataiteilija, joka asuu tällä hetkellä Helsingissä. Maher osallistui viime Moskovan nuorten taiteilijoiden biennaaliin ja hän sai ensimmäisen Kieran Meagher Legacy Awardin vuonna 2014.

Steve Maher is a visual artist from Limerick, Ireland based in Helsinki, Finland. Maher represented both Finland and Ireland in the V Moscow Biennale for Young Art and he was the Inaugural recipient of the Kierran Meagher Legacy Award 2014.


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