*Scratch the Surface*
Finnish Video Art from Alkovi Gallery / Berlin_Brunnenstrasse: Studio For The Finnish Arts Academy / 17.11.2010

Timo Vaittinen: Police Academy (duration 2:59)
The intense aesthetics of Timo Vaittinen reflect the generation he grew up in and around. His imagery is rooted in the popular culture that so many of us, in one way or another, have been a part of. Better known from his neopop paintings,Vaittinen presents here an early videowork utilizing his painting technique in digital imagery.The video consists of videostream clips from the Police Academy movies on top of which Vaittinen has painted wildly flickering and colorful abstractions.

Mikko Keskiivari: I Am Youtube –trailer, 2010 (duration 04:49)
This is a trailer from a larger documentary work of three young housemates life. It presents us the new youtube generation that goes through life having everything re- corded into short video clips. Real problems are handled through games and jokes while trivial events may turn into serious discussions.The work combines documentary, trash video aesthetics and media imagery into a public display of lived life rearranged by Keskiivari.

Konsta Ojala: Domestic Panda, 2010 (duration 15:25)
Konsta Ojala’s work presents a metamovie of two pandas drinking beer on a tree and telling a story of an evil pimp, a prostitute and an unexpected hero.

Sari Tervaniemi: Scape of Fear, 2010 (duration 2:00)
Scape of Fear is a video work about a state of mind. It tells about fear, yet the fear can sometimes offer also some kind of pleasure when you try to get over it. Location is an old building in Harlem, New York.The cityscape and powers of the nature meet in a story, which is a psychological trip in the building ending in the rooftop. Sari Tervaniemi is a visual artist who makes cinematic and photographic works.The main themes are social and environmental concerns, power questions, violence and critical observations on media image. Gender sensitive issues are handled intimately and personally with social engagement.

Arttu Merimaa: Nonchalant 1 & 2, 2010 (duration 4:09)
These two excerpts from Merimaas latest series of videos deal with the concept of indifference between individuals.The charactewrs in the videos are heading into a situ- ation where easy unconcern towards things like politics, ideologies, everyday questions about home or work - eventually about human relationships - has reached a point where an individual feels no passion towards his living environment and the easy unconcern transforms into emptiness where it is difficult for a person to determine his own way of existing rather than becoming an executer of certain routines and cultural conventions.

Mikko Keskiivari & Päivi Viinikainen: Burn-In, 2008 (duration 4:00)
A collaboration between PäiviViinikainen and Mikko Keskiivari questions the boundaries of the social behavior happening in the working community.What happens when childlike action becomes a real and approved way of problemsolving.

Riikka Kuoppala: No Signs of Fear, 2008 (duration 04:24)
No Signs of Fear is a short narrative video.A young American woman tries to relate to history and what is going on in the world around her. She tells stories in her videob- log about a brother who disappeared long before she was born, and looks for signs of bombings in her house. Finding out and describing who we are is a constant process of appropriating and sharing narratives. Stories of war are a part of many nations’ shared history but they also have a personal meaning to the people who lived through it.The events in the stories the protagonist is appropriating seem far away, both geographically and historically. Internet brings everything closer but nothing is experienced first hand. Is it even possible to understand?

Miina Hujala: The Dinner, 2007 (duration 4:45)
In this film a man meets a woman in order to have a dinner together. Odd atmosphere surrounds the situation.The interpretative way of producing an image of someone is attached to the notion that by communicating with someone else we also communicate with ourselves and try to figure out our own thoughts as well. Our perception of the situation is always attached to our dreams, hopes and fears.The element of introvertness sets the impression that we’ll have of others in question. Cultural norms are active in our mundane life and it is not seldom that we find ourselves in situations that try to imitate motion picture conduct and our aspiration to something unique and different is always burdened with our knowledge of the cultural model.

xxx_group: 50-56 Performances 2004 – 2010 (duration 9:20)
xxx_group injects themselves into social public or private space reacting to and distracting the surroundings.They deal with spectatorship, advertisement, economy and power. “We select a site, investigate it, perform pieces for live audiences, shoot them on video and present these in a multi-channel installation preferably within a days delay after their execution.We do the works in non-stop cycles. 12:00:00 for 50 performances, 12:58:36 for 54 and so forth. +14,4 each time we begin a project. In the year 2057 we ́ll host a 24 hour long performance during which we ́ll execute 100 separate live-artworks.”